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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Snake Man Potions in 1970s Nigeria

This price list is from "The Head of Snake Chairman" visiting a Shell camp in 1970s Warri in Nigeria. The many exotic potions listed include "Medicine for Promotion", "To prevent bad Juju", "To go in contact with woman and no disease", "Medicine to catch Thieves" and more. The piece comes from a collection donated by a Canadian man who joined Shell in 1952 and was posted to Borneo, Venezuela, Nigeria, and the Netherlands. As he explains in the note attached to the list, "The "Snake Man" used to visit the Warri Club on regular basis. Always had a basket full of hooded cobras. Got 5 or 6 of them to bite his arm and went round with them hanging from his arm trying to get the audience to buy his various medicines against snake bite and just about everything else as you can see from his attached price-list".


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